sharps disposal

In Australia, the prison system has introduced needle exchange schemes to eliminate, as far as possible, the hazards to health of needle sharing among the prison population. Rates of Hepatitis […]

The last of four co-defendants was sentenced Monday to a year in federal custody for his role in a conspiracy to intercept and resell prescription painkillers slated for destruction as […]

With few, if any environmentally-friendly, low-cost options for safe disposal of infectious wastes that might be used in resource-poor regions, there has for many years been a need for technical […]

“Medical waste is not recyclable” This is the banner headline in a news report concerning, yet again, the persistent problem of sharps turning up in household recyclables. The statement is […]

All corners of the healthcare sector should be ready for the introduction of safety sharps, as mandated under Council Directive 2010/32/EU. Indeed, we might hope that as many as possible, if not all, […]

Blood splashes and smears are common on the external surfaces of sharps bins. Occurring mostly when sharps attached to a short length of plastic tubing, or an entire infusion set […]

The season for flu vaccine is not far away and in the UK alone millions of vaccine doses will be administered, almost every one from a single-use pre-filled syringe. In […]

Many waste managers and their clinical colleagues will know the value of sharps safety training that is supported by additional posters and logos etc placed prominently by general waste and sharps […]

“Two bin men have been seriously injured by broken glass discarded in the rubbish.  “One suffered a one-and-a-half inch gash to his arm from a broken bottle sticking out of […]

They seem to have been around for years now, sharps destruction devices that snip, snap or burn off the metal sharp from plastic needle hub to provide alternate sharps disposal […]

Sharps waste recycling, and indeed recycling of materials including ATT-processed plastics, latex and metals from non-sharps waste must be an environmentally sound option when compared with incineration alone. It is […]


The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum has published previous posts – these can be found in the Forum Archives – discussing the benefits of disposal by post. Last updated: Sunday, June […]