Disposal of couch rolls

An interesting discussion of Podiatry Forum questions the responsibility for the costs of disposal of clinical waste sacks in a shared consulting room. Though that is not our concern, it is interesting to read the various comments suggesting in the main that costs stay firmly with the contract holder and that some formal agreement should be sought with other ‘users’.


The real issue is in the initial complaint, that the sacks get filled with couch roll paper.

But as always, the devil is in the detail. Couch roll paper, unless soiled with faeces or blood etc, is general waste and need not go into a clinical waste sack for disposal. It might even be combined with other paper waste for recycling.

Sadly, this is not common. Vast quantities of couch roll paper is used in podiatry, and in many other services. GP examination couches, physio, hospital outpatients and A&E, radiography etc. Indeed, radiography services produce vast quantities of paper waste from couch rolls and at the start of this year I was able to help one major radiology centre in London eliminate over 40 orange sacks of waste filled with nothing but couch roll paper. Others, including our friends on the Podiatry Forum might take the same approach to segregation.


  1. So I can put my used couch roll straight in the mixed recycling? It can be recycled?


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