Blood tests for 4-year old after needelstick on Newton Abbot bus

Aids and hepatitis B tests for boy, 4, pricked by needle on busNeedle with drop of blood

A mother is facing a “horrible” wait after her young child underwent tests for Aids and hepatitis B due to being pricked by a needle on a bus.

The four-year-old boy was being pricked by a hypodermic needle when he reached behind a seat.

He then showed his horrified mother the needle and his bleeding finger.

He is now undergoing checks for and diseases such as Aids.

The child has had to have hepatitis B injections and the mother has been told it will be months before he is given the all-clear for even more worrying infectious diseases, such as Aids.

The mum, who wishes her son to remain anonymous to protect him from bullying, was told by medics to go straight to Torbay Hospital’s emergency department after the incident took place on the number 77 bus in Newton Abbot.

This which runs between the Sherborne Road bus station and Drake Road on the Buckland estate on September 9.

She said: “He had treatments and underwent tests, but it will be months until we get the results.

“He isn’t back at school yet and the wait is horrible”.

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