Toddler stabbed by needle on Dublin Bus

A toddler has been stabbed by a “dirty heroin needle” on a Dublin Bus.Needle with drop of blood

A young girl has been pricked by a heroin-filled needle on a bus in Dublin – in another sickening incident involving drug paraphernalia in the city.

Yesterday, little Alysha Zambra got on a Dublin Bus vehicle with her mother, Stacie, where she was jabbed by the needle – writes Conor Feehan for

Tony Duffin, of the Ana Liffey Drug Project centre, said discarded used needles posed a massive risk to the public.

She was brought to Crumlin Children’s Hospital and tested for HIV and other blood-borne diseases. Now her shocked family face an agonising wait to see if she has contracted anything.

“We always go and sit at the back. I go in the middle and the kids sit either side of me,” Stacie, from Crumlin, said.

“I just glanced out the window and then when I turned around Alysha’s finger was pumping with blood and I saw the needle on the floor,” she added.

Mr Duffin has long campaigned for medically-supervised injection centres so addicts can take drugs in a place safe for them and the public.


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