Droitwich family wait for all-clear after 5-year olds sharps injury

A Droitwich mum and her son have been left with an anxious wait after her son cut his finger open on a used hypodermic needle which was in a bush near their home.

The lady has been left traumatised after her young son sustained the wound whilst playing ‘soldiers’ outside a friend’s house when they found and picked up the needle. Mum called an ambulance and the five-year-old was taken to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital where it took them hours to finally take blood samples for testing.

Mum said she explained the situation to paramedics and hospital staff and was reported to social services following the incident.

The hospital then lost the blood samples meaning the boy will now have to undergo more blood tests, leading to an even longer wait.

Mum said: “I just hope when they take his blood this time it does not put him through the same ordeal as last time. ”

Since it happened, the mum-of-three has been trying to raise awareness among other parents.

She said the presence of needles near the street and local park was widely documented on social media and she fears if something is not done, this could happen to someone else.

“I really want to warn people so they don’t have to go through what we have.

“When I saw his finger bleeding and he told me he picked up that needle I just felt sick.

“I have been trying to explain to him why they are so dangerous and dirty but I don’t want to taint his mind.”

She called Wychavon District Council asking the authority to clean-up the area and she has also asked the police for more patrols in the area.

“It is so sad children can’t even go an play in the park.

“We were just outside three houses away, it happened so quickly – just a couple of seconds.”

David Hemming, Wychavon’s community safety manager, said he was sorry to hear about the incident and offered to get someone out to clear away the needle but it had already gone.

“Any needles reported to us we promise to clear away as quickly as possible – always within one hour.

“The area she lives in has regular litter-picking five days a week with an additional two hours of litter picking a week on a Wednesday.”

He added he had spoken to the authority’s community warden who would be liaising with the police to see what more could be done long-term.

“This is clearly a very distressing incident and we are taking it very seriously.”

He urged anyone who found a needle should immediately call 01386 565018 and report it.

A West Mercia Police spokesperson echoed the advice for people to report disused needles straight away.

He said officers from the Droitwich Safer Neighbourhood Team monitored the area to identify any drugs offences and appealed for anyone with any information on illegal drug use in the area to call them on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

A hospital trust spokesman said: “We cannot comment on an individual’s care due to patient confidentiality however we would urge Ms Ross to contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Team, who will be able to offer advice and information.

“We are always concerned whenever the care and treatment received do not match the expectations of the patient and/or their family.”

Lets hope that as time passes there is only good news, perhaps starting with the hospital not losing the blood tests, and then confirming the all-clear.




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  1. I lived on an estate in droitwich in 1994 and I had the same issue. I campaigned along with the council and police to have a needle box installed by the local shops. After a public hearing it was decided that members of the estate did not want the box installed. As a result incidents like this keep happening year after year. I was able to provide a solution to this problem and nobody wanted or even cared. I am afraid this is a case of I told you so.


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