Fly-tippers dump clinical waste bags

bolton-fly-tip-1A number of bags appearing to contain clinical waste were fly-tipped near Stoneclough.

The yellow and orange waste sacks were spotted the a man stopped in a lay-by in Ringley Road West – which connects Stoneclough with Radcliffe – on Sunday, September 11.

“I was up there this Sunday and stopped in this layby near the top of the road.

“There I saw about 15 bags of what looked like clinical waste. I’m not sure what was in there, but they were clinical waste bags and they had NHS written on the side.”

“I have seen rubbish dumped there before, but what attracted my attention this time was the colour of the bags.”

“It definitely didn’t look like normal rubbish, it looked like medical waste.

“If it is stuff that could potentially be infectious, that is very dangerous for anyone passing by.”

A Bury Council spokesman confirmed that the waste has since been removed by environmental health officials.

The true content of the waste sacks is not reported. However, the risk is clear.




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