waste management

Sterilis device in use

The photocopier-size device can sterilize and grind up medical (clinical) waste including syringes and sharps containers to produce nontoxic garbage that ‘doesn’t require incineration’ or ‘other special treatment’. Innovator Jeff […]

Alcohol hand sanitizer is now ubiquitous. It is used right across the healthcare arena, and in the waste sector though its efficacy on dirty hands is severely limited. Since its […]

The Sharps Terminator is back! http://sharpsterminator.com/ Despite a somewhat turbulent history, this FDA-approved device is back under promotion and available for purchase. It has its place though is not a […]

Dump On Us?

Dispose of unwanted items for FREE at the six upcoming Dump On Us events scheduled for 2017!  Visalia City, US, will recycle everything possible and properly dispose of the rest. […]