Alcohol hand sanitizer is now ubiquitous. It is used right across the healthcare arena, and in the waste sector though its efficacy on dirty hands is severely limited. Since its […]

A mixed bag of information and links provided by the US National Waste & Recycling Association, including a really good graphic outlining the waste collection and disposal process. As good […]

A new and updated version of the PHE publication Eye of the Needle: United Kingdom Surveillance of Significant Occupational Exposures to Bloodborne Viruses in Healthcare Workers is published this month. Available for […]

Teach, learn, improve, comply

There are several teaching aids and guides applicable to the management of healthcare wastes, mostly focussed on source segregation. Beyond posters and labels, these training aids are actually few and far […]

Clinical wastes and indeed just about all other waste streams are managed poorly right across the Indian sub-continent. A good friend living and working in Goa tells tales of almost […]

Alongside the revelation of radioactive wastes of hospital origin having been deposited in N Ireland landfill, and the many incidents and irregularities in clinical waste disposal South of the border, […]