tissue waste

A council has plans to allow people to dispose of loved ones’ bodies through water cremation, a new and environmentally friendly way to get rid of human remains. The process […]

Tissue waste disposal will generally necessitate high temperature incineration, or perhaps Resomation. Highly regulated more for aesthetic reasons than for concerns regarding infection – though even the most amorphous blob of […]

An astonishingly gruesome crime has been reported concerning the illegal disposal of hospital and clinical wastes from Ukrainian hospitals. A Ukrainian gang that took clinical (medical) waste that included body […]

An Oregon waste-to-energy facility has cuts ties with “aborted-baby hauler” Stericycle.  The US waste-to-energy facility has been forced by the county in which it operates to cut ties with a Canadian provider […]

Addenbrooke’s and all other NHS England hospitals have been instructed not to incinerate aborted foetuses as waste. Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS England medical director has written to all trusts, including Cambridge […]

The Clinical Waste Discussion Forum has considered placenta disposal on previous occasions. Now another opportunity has been offered, to turn your placenta into a designer photo frame. The mind boggles! […]

It seems that clinical wastes turn up in all sorts of places. Sharps are a particular problem when they arise, but tissue wastes are perhaps less common, except perhaps after […]

Health Technical Memorandum 07-01: Safe management of healthcare waste has been updated (March 2013) and is now available on the Gov.UK website. Interesting perhaps that this ever more bloated document if […]