Syringes litter Hong Kong beaches

Syringes are littering Hong Kong beaches. Thankfully, some good people are trying to gather and remove these, and putting pressure on the authorities to reduce or even eliminate this pollution. Regrettably however, […]

Not only in America, though predictably most of the considerable number of reports of needles hidden in Halloween treats once again come from the US. What a world we live […]

Yet more needle attacks reported in the press, in Bournemouth and in Swindon. Regrettably, just two of many. This, and the more general problems associated with discarded needles and other […]

Terrified residents are pleading for help to stop drug addicts using their close as a shooting gallery. Syringes, human excrement and drug paraphernalia blighting the Calton flats have caused some locals […]

There are so many was to take illegal drugs, as tablets, by smoking, and of course by injection that creates for the rest of us the risk of sharps injury of […]