clinical waste discussion forum

Clinical Waste Discussion Forum now back in action After a couple of weeks of intermittent connectivity followed by a disastrous 10-week outage we are happy to say ‘Hello, We’re Back!’ The […]

Sterilis device in use

The photocopier-size device can sterilize and grind up medical (clinical) waste including syringes and sharps containers to produce nontoxic garbage that ‘doesn’t require incineration’ or ‘other special treatment’. Innovator Jeff […]

Alcohol hand sanitizer is now ubiquitous. It is used right across the healthcare arena, and in the waste sector though its efficacy on dirty hands is severely limited. Since its […]

The Sharps Terminator is back! Despite a somewhat turbulent history, this FDA-approved device is back under promotion and available for purchase. It has its place though is not a […]

HONcode approval reaffirmed

For the 11th successive year, the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum and Blenkharn Environmental have received reaffirmation of its HONcode compliance. HONcode compliance requires a commitment to: Authority Complementarity Privacy Policy […]

Children seem to have a magnetic affinity for discarded sharps, picking them up and stabbing themselves, or standing on them to the distress of themselves and their family. In China […]