drug litter

Yet more needle attacks reported in the press, in Bournemouth and in Swindon. Regrettably, just two of many. This, and the more general problems associated with discarded needles and other […]

Discarded needles are always dangerous, but never more so when they are discarded into long grass or soft sand. They disappear from view, ready to stab those walking barefoot on […]

A new video created by St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust deals with the impact of sharps injuries on the mental and occupational health of healthcare workers. This should […]

As healthcare professionals are aware, patient confidentiality is an essential obligation that cannot and must not be circumvented. But what about employees? An injury. An entry to the accident book. […]

Magnetic needle retrieval

I have received several email requests for information about the magnetic needle retriever about which we have spoken several times on the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum. I have two of […]

Terrified residents are pleading for help to stop drug addicts using their close as a shooting gallery. Syringes, human excrement and drug paraphernalia blighting the Calton flats have caused some locals […]

Vancouver is a great city, though but despite several visits I was unaware of the extent of its drug-related problems. Thousands of used needles are being tossed on the ground […]