A career lifetime in NHS and associated UK Medical School employment (Royal Postgraduate Medical School, now Imperial College, London) as a service and research microbiologist,  Business Manager and Administrator, provided the framework for studies in environmental and healthcare microbiology.

Specialist interests include the microbiology of healthcare (clinical) waste and procedures for its safe collection, transport, storage and disposal; biological and general safety management; risk assessment and control; hospital infection, including in particular device- and equipment-related infection; post-surgical and biliary tract sepsis; and the more general aspects of microbiology, technology assessment, process control, product design and evaluation.

With a special emphasis of teaching, training, tutoring, mentoring and coaching – Ian is currently a Lecturer at the University of West London – and the preparation of training documentation, SOPs, risk assessments, technical and strategic briefings, Ian has a successful portfolio of generic and contract research, consultancies and legal (Expert Witness) work in appropriate areas, both at home and abroad.

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