St Helens, Haydock waste transfer station given go-ahead

Plans for a waste transfer station in Haydock, St Helens, are given the go-ahead despite resident protests.

Proposals to transform an industrial warehouse into a waste transfer station have been approved by the council’s planning committee, despite strong resident objection. A planning application was submitted last December seeking permission to transform the site at 2-3 Withins Road, Haydock.


However, it was met with numerous letters of objection, with people in the neighbourhood expressing widespread concerns over the potential environmental impact, noise levels, smells and volume of traffic that could be generated.

The application stated the facility would be used for “the bulking up and transfer of healthcare waste products prior to transportation for incineration, alternative treatment or landfill” and that proposals form part of “ongoing plans” to “further expand and improve efficiencies in operations”. It added the development would “provide continuity of employment of existing staff” and create “opportunities for increased employment”.

At the committee meeting, the planning officer recommended the proposals stating: “The nearest residential properties are about 130 metres away and in our view it is unlikely that the change will have a significant imapct on the amenity of residents. I consider the vehicle movements to be acceptable.”
The plans were approved by the committee by six votes to three.




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