Pressure mounts on Stericycle

An Oregon waste-to-energy facility has cuts ties with “aborted-baby hauler” Stericycle.  The US waste-to-energy facility has been forced by the county in which it operates to cut ties with a Canadian provider of biomedical waste after the story broke globally last month that some of that waste allegedly includes the remains of babies destroyed by abortion in B.C. facilities.

The Marion County Board of Commissioners moved to cancel the county’s contract with biomedical waste-hauler Stericycle, despite the company that owns and operates the waste‐to‐energy facility claiming that aborted babies are not being burned for electricity.

Pro-life activists called for Stericycle to be investigated last year after evidence surfaced that the medical waste giant unlawfully dumped the bodies of babies killed by convicted abortionist Kermit Gosnell into a municipal landfill. In 2012, Stericycle was reported to have been servicing the late-term abortion facility of Steven Brigham, who at the time was facing numerous charges including murder. In 2011, Stericycle was fined $42,000 for illegally dumping aborted babies into a municipal landfill in Texas along with household and commercial garbage.


It’s a difficult situation, almost certainly blown out of all proportion. Tissue remnants and clinical wastes must be disposed somewhere, somehow, and for these tissue wastes incineration is the regulated approach. Remains from terminations of pregnancy too must be disposed properly too. If the anti-abortionist lobby wish to stop legal terminations that is their right, though many would consider their approach entirely wrong.

Recalling several murders in the US of those operating abortion clinics, perpetrated by members of the anti-abortion lobby, the situation can rapidly get way out of hand. In the present case which a search through the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum will tell, has been going on for a couple of years now, lobbying against Stericycle has provided a less violent but effective pressure that is swaying legislators and others. Regrettably, Stericycle is stuck in the middle.





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