Teach, learn, improve, comply

There are several teaching aids and guides applicable to the management of healthcare wastes, mostly focussed on source segregation.

Beyond posters and labels, these training aids are actually few and far between. They can assist in teaching activities – of waste producers, waste handlers etc – and in raising performance, improving standards of safety, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Several companies place their teaching aids into the public domain, in part as a generous gift to others and, inevitably, as part of their marketing activity.

Users must be aware of the sometimes significant differences in regulation that may affect the suitability of training aids that might not translate from one location to another. However, there is always something to learn.

A particularly impressive training package can be found at http://quizlet.com/33679033/info

Teach, learn, improve, comply.

Further assistance and support, and some invaluable guidance, is available at http://sunrisehouse.com/addiction-demographics/high-school-college-students/.

This is fantastic. It is the most comprehensive resource for students with substance abuse and addiction problems available on the web – well-researched, accessible and covers the spectrum of common problems among students with substance abuse, treatment and recovery.

Drug abuse is a common and serious problem among college and high school students. Many who receive help of some type end up progressing into more serious sunrise-logo1addictions to alcohol or other drugs.

The goal of these resources is to provide comprehensive resources to students who need help. Student resource centre serves as a guide for students with addiction problems, serving as a supplement to the many treatment centre directories on the web, to guide them through the process of seeking treatment and recovery. The guide includes 24 citations of the most recent research and authoritative resources. While there are many resources on the web, we found that many of them do not address the most common concerns in a comprehensive and accessible manner.

Dealing with drug problems is so much more than picking up discarded needles or providing clean needles and a secure sharps bin. The Sunrise House initiative is a great contribution to prevention, to changing and even to saving lives. It provides an example for us all and a model for similar initiatives that are needed in some many regions.

Good luck to all involved.



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