cookiesThe Clinical Waste Discussion Forum is using cookies, not as part of some nefarious tracking process to spy on our visitors, but as part of the core function of WordPress that would allow registered users to store their log in details.

It’s no big deal, but to comply with the new EU legislation that requires web site¬†operators to inform visitors about cookie use we have introduced a banner warning about cookies.

You will see the banner when you first visit the site, once only if you accept our cookie.

If you reject cookies, you are entirely welcome to use our entire site as much as you wish. There will be no restriction or constraint on your use of the web site and its rich content of comment, discussion, and downloads etc. However, on each subsequent visit you will automatically be asked about cookies again. Just answer no if that’s your choice, and carry on regardless.

That is, if I’ve set everything up correctly!

For any further information, please email


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