Georgia hospital accused to tossing stillborn into clinical waste

A lawsuit has been filed against the WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Georgia who stand accused of tossing a stillborn baby into the clinical waste.

With accusation and counter accusation, the circumstances are unclear. However, it is a hugely difficult issue. Mum has been through a considerable trauma and may not be in the right frame of mind to make a decision. Worse, that decision may change as time passes, whether hours or days, and hospital staff can find themselves in a sticky position in which they cannot do right for doing wrong.

Early abortions are even worse for all concerned. A small blob of tissue may pass as clinical waste and perhaps be considered as the end point of a distressing medical procedure, or one of life’s sadder events. But others see this as a life lost and want to retain the remains for some sort of religious service and burial or cremation. Decisions made in haste, or more likely in the turmoil of some personal tragedy may change quickly, and frequently. Mum must always be consulted, with compassion and dignity, but at the end of the day the default option for early abortions is clinical waste.

But just how early is early? This can be regulated. Guidelines can be written. But is Mum says different, go with it.



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