Peak Pet Cremations

This issues surrounding the breaches at  Peak Pet Cremations and the jailing four months of its owner Emma Bent have been described previously in the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum.

What is not immediately clear from these news reports is the extreme distress that these criminal failures have caused to those who had relied on Peak Pet Cremations to dispose properly of the carcass of their pet.

Last night, the BBC Fake Britain show (series 2, episode 11) included a piece on this case, reviewing the circumstances and follow-up investigation, and interviewing one of those involved. This can be viewed at, starting at 14:05. The distress is palpable.

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  1. Pet crematorium fraudster Emma Bent admits benefit fraud

    A “greedyY” woman convicted of fraudulently running a pet crematorium business has now admitted being a benefit cheat and lying to the court.

    Emma Bent was sentenced in 2011 for fraud, environmental health and trading standard offences in connection to her Peak Pet Cremations business, from which she made £88,202.

    Bent was being paid to incinerate clinical waste and deceased pets, as well as return ashes to pet owners. But, after a number of dead pets were found in hedgerows in Derbyshire, an investigation revealed that she had in fact not been incinerating the animals.

    After Bent, 40, formerly of High Edge Drive, Heage, was sentenced police investigated her finances so they could recover her proceeds of crime. However, Bent claimed she had no assets other than £3,000, which she was ordered to pay to the court.


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