Bouygues offers West Middlesex hospital remedy for clinical waste

Bouygues Energies & Services has struck an agreement with Eurotec Environmental to supply sustainable clinical waste services to West Middlesex University Hospital (WMUH), part of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

These services will include a Behaviour Change programme – to change the habits of employees to more sustainable-friendly ones – and the creation of an on-site clinical waste processing plant.

Lee Beard, contract director for BYES, said: “Sustainability in clinical waste is an area that is often overshadowed by the more green projects.” 

He added: “The established methods of dealing with clinical waste via incineration were too outdated and unsustainable for us. In addition, challenges of regular staff turnover caused issues with staff’s ability to correctly follow ‘best practice’ waste management procedures.

“By partnering with Eurotec Environmental, we now can start moving away from these inefficient traditional practices to a vastly more sustainable future for West Middlesex University Hospital.”


This sounds very promising. Microwave waste treatments have been around for years now but never really managed to make any impression on this market. Clearly, this development is one to watch.

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